I’m a big fan of Archer , for a number of reasons not least of which are its archaic references, outlandish characters, and its frequent use of alcohol-fueled hijinks.  The jokes come at a semi-automatic speed and they are side-splittingly funny which means that I wind up at the end of the twenty two minutes delirious from hyperventilation. If I were half as twisted as Cheryl/Carol, that alone might explain my addiction to the show.

A few days ago, I was watching one episode in particular guest starring the Man-God Burt Reynolds, who reigns supreme on the high Mount of Manliness with his co-deities Bill Murray and Sylvester Stallone.  Not-so-virgin cults devoted entirely to his mustache dotted the globe during the 80s and so it followed that Archer (and his mother) would be obsessed with him. Really, all roads in that universe eventually lead to Burt Reynolds.  Standing on Archer’s balcony after some impossibly impossible exchange, a restrained and kidnapped Burt asks the tirelessly dedicated Woodhouse for a Pimm’s Cup. Woodhouse obliges and Burt realizes that the Pimm’s Cup isn’t at all what he imagined, wanting instead his Pimm’s to be served in a  Pimp’s Cup. Cue laugh track.

I found myself, as I often do, remembering particularly funny bits over the course of the next day or so but I returned again and again to this mysterious drink. What exactly was a Pimm’s Cup and why the hell had I never heard of it before? The Book was knowledgeable on the matter (I would expect nothing less) and, as luck would have it, my local shop had a dusty bottle of Pimm’s No. 1 Cup kicking around, just waiting for me to buy it. Sounds like the makings for a lovely Friday night in!

At one time, there had been six official Pimm’s formulas, each differentiated by the base alcohol used to make them. Pimm’s No. 1, one of the three still available, is based on gin.  It has a fairly subtle fruity taste, not overwhelmingly sweet, perhaps offset by the spice mix. Overall, I’d echo the sentiment expressed in the show and say that it’s a bit odd but great when mixed. Jury’s still out on the addition of the cucumber both aesthetically (c’mon, that is one ugly peel!) and for taste. Perhaps next time a slice?

The Pimm's Cup (with mustaches in background)

The Pimm’s Cup with mustaches in the background out of respect for Burt Reynolds.

The Playboy’s Host and Bar Book’s Recipe

1.5 oz Pimm’s No. 1 Cup
Iced Seven-Up or lemon soda
1 slice lemon
Cucumber peel

Pour Pimm’s Cup into 8- or 10-oz glass or Pimm’s glass tankard with ice. Fill with Seven-Up. Add lemon slice and cucumber peel. Stir. The old English gin sling is bottled as Pimm’s No. 1 Cup made with a gin base and fruit flavors. Other prepared Pimm’s Cups are bottled with other liquor bases, but the No. 1 is the best known in the U.S.

Or here’s another recipe from the Pimm’s site that looks like it’s worth a try:

Pimm’s Recommended Summer Recipe

1 part Pimm’s No. 1
3 parts chilled lemonade (my recommendation is sparkling)
add mint, cucumber, orange and strawberry

It’s like a British sangria! I’m looking forward to serving this in a pitcher on the 4th of July when I become a prisoner in my own neighborhood. I can imagine watching the fireworks over the Bay from my front porch and getting drunk enough to not care that the entire city of Portland just traipsed through my yard leaving beer cans and baby’s diapers in their wake.